About the authors


Gaetano Amato

Gaetano Amato is a graduate of Springfield College and the University of Connecticut. He was an elementary school physical education teacher and subsequently served as the Director of Physical Education and Health for the West Hartford, CT., public schools. As a movement education specialist, he developed movement programs for children and conducted numerous workshops at the state and national level.


The Eastern District Association for Physical Education honored him with the Elementary Teacher of the Year Award. Parent’s Magazine published an article titled “What’s Great About Gym”, which focused on his movement approach to teaching.


Gaetano Amato

Gaetano Amato currently serves as the Pre-Practicum Coordinator in the Teacher Preparation program at Springfield College, Springfield, MA., the birthplace of basketball.


Silvana Sanchez Lira came to the United States in 1983 as a career diplomat, specializing, in community education and health programs. Recently, she obtained her “Certification in Food, Nutrition, and Health” from ALLEGRA Learning Solutions, LLC, to enhance her knowledge in this area in preparation for writing children’s books that will create a deeper understanding about the importance of eating healthy. Her books can also serve to support parents, teachers and community resources in their work to spread this message to combat childhood obesity.